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We are the Bailey Family, Robert, Lisa, and our eight wonderful blessings.  Our mission is to spread the truth of the Word through song, articles, and any other means the Father chooses.  We are available to minister at your event or venue, just give us a call or drop us a line.


Family Minstry

Embark on this journey with us as we share the skills, talents, challenges, and triumphs we have been blessed to experience as we walk out our faith on a daily basis.

Music Ministry

Even as David praised and danced with all his might before Adonai, one of our passions is to use the talents we’ve been given to bring glory and honor to His name.

$5.00 On Your Mind

On Your Mind

We have all been in a place of despair, confusion, and doubt as we walk though the challenges of life.  However, no matter where you are, no matter who you are, and no matter how difficult the circumstances of your life, YOU are on HIS mind.  As a lighthouse guides the ship into safe harbor, so will Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah be your guide as you traverse life’s challenges.  Enjoy this compilation of songs of praise, encouragement, and inspiration…

1. Praise You on the Mountain
2. Think It Over
3. On Your Mind
4. Thumèlè Imvulah (Send the Rain)
5. On Your Mind (DLB Remix)
6. Get Out Duppy
7. Count On Him

$9.00 Words Of Our Heart

Words Of Our Heart

  1. Nature Calls You King
  2. Dear Sister
  3. My Brother Mon
  4. I pray
  5. Lost
  6. Over Oceans
  7. Sweet Hour
  8. Miracles (Acapella)
  9. Words Of Our Heart

Introducing the Bailey Family


Strife Of The Mighty

Enter Vrandalin; a land where ancient powers stir, dark beasts prowl, forgotten lore returns, and those who are thought weak discover their strength. Pure fantasy adventure awaits as three unlikely companions contest the greatest threats their time has ever seen.

“Great fantasy with plenty of adventure, intriguing characters and a well-thought plot!” – Review from Amazon.com


Strife Of The Mighty

Toils Of The Valiant


Toils Of The Valiant

Deeds of righteousness and evil done since the coming of the Third Shadow come to a head in this fearsome end to the tale of the second age of the kingdom of Vrandalin. Heroes stand and fall, the powers of hope and horror collide, and legends are born. The final battle for Vellneran is now.

“Book Two of the Lael Chronicles has knocked it out of the park! …Toils of the Valiant carries over the best aspects of the genre.” -Review from Amazon.com.