Benjamin Bailey

Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Survival Guy

Benjamin Bailey is a man of many many interest, chiefest of which (he says) is singing the message of God to receptive hearts that, through hearing might be saved.

Having spoken with Benjamin, (in my opinion) his easy going attitude and almost playfully mischievous young wisdom makes him a perfect candidate for the tasks he believes he has been given.

Benjamin Bailey is a singer, songwriter, composer, musician, sound recorder, pop dancer, film directer, photographer, voice actor, the list go's on.

Bailey quotes... there have been too many people adverse to the work I have to do, such as you wouldn't believe! but its up to me to look forward and do what I know to be right regardless of what others might say, do, or think.

Benjamin says that his God has a purpose and a plan to all that he does, and to know that he is a part of it makes him very very happy.