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Adventurer, wonderer and wanderer, creative thinker and eccentrically unconventional, Julius Bailey tends to tread the peculiar paths. Born to the humidity, tropical sights, and gators of Florida, he lived in the Sunshine State for fourteen years of his life before moving to the rolling hills and red clay of Oklahoma. At the age of twelve he fell in love with a book called ‘The Secrets of Droon: The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet.’ From thence his love of reading bloomed. Having taken a keen interest in the fantastical realms of Fantasy, his jaunts mainly focus thitherward. He currently resides upon a hilltop thronged with hilltops, and avidly welcomes communication from his readers.

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  • Unspoken Truths in the Fantasy Genre. March 26, 2019
    Who here doesn’t love the fantasy genre? (What’s that? Youdon’t? … Um, you may be following the wrong blog, sir/ma’am.) It’s got everything, doesn’t it? Heroes and villains, epic adventures, luscious romances, battles and glory; in a way, it encompasses nearly everything that entertains us. And with such a massive, widely-known, and widely loved genre […]
  • The Coldest Heart of All (Part II) February 16, 2019
    Well, here a day after Valentine's, comes the part two and conclusion of our tale. (For those of you just joining us, drop by HERE to read part one. I think you'll like it. (Or, at least, I hope so...?))                                    […]
  • The Coldest Heart of All (Part 1) January 17, 2019
    Greetings, everyone.   So, those who know me (the number of which I hope is growing *ahem*) will know that I quite like good poetry. I am, of course, partial to the olden style of it, such things as the beauties scattered throughout the Lord of the Rings novels, some of the works of Robert Frost, […]
  • Dawn of Justice Review Part II November 9, 2018
    Let us commence Part II forthwith…Now those of you who read my previous post will remember (hopefully) the reasons I outlined for Batman wanting to kill Superman. Most all of them were pretty credible given that universe and its situation. However, they are all largely overshadowed by a different reason; one that is far more […]
  • Dawn of Justice Review Part I August 31, 2018
    Greetings, merry people. Readers of this blog will remember me mentioning some time ago that I was going to do a review of the movie Dawn of Justice. I didn’t post it at once because I wanted it to be thoughtful, and I wanted to be able to get out/bring across what I wanted to […]
  • Is It Truly Love? July 17, 2018
    So can we just stop with the meaningless romance that seems to have invaded every sub-genre of fiction now in existence?      What? Who doesn’t love a good love story? I’m glad you asked, because the truth of the matter is (and it might be a little hard to swallow) a surprising amount of people don’t […]
  • AT LONG LAST!! June 3, 2018
    Days went by; I labored long. Weeks became months; still I labored. Months stacked into years; I labored the quicker.   Now at last, at long, long last, I have done it. I have finished it. I HAVE DELIVERED.TOILS OF THE VALIANTBOOK TWO OF THE CHRONICLES OF VRANDALINThe epic conclusion to the widely-loved adventure of Strife […]
  • Contest Winners! May 7, 2018
    Hey, everybody.   So, as you all know, I recently held a contest to celebrate the opening of my new t-shirt shop. Well, today we announce those lucky three! Thanks to all who entered!Coming in at third place is........... Barri!Coming in at second place is...........April Turner!!And taking home the first place grand prize.............Christian Calhoun from Oklahoma!Let's hear […]
  • Surprise! (And a contest!) March 29, 2018
    Ahoy, ahoy! Right, so, if folks have been paying attention to some of my previous posts and tweets (wait, you haven't?.....) then they'll know that I've been saying that I'd have some surprises for everyone early this year. Well, I'm here to deliver them! I'll get right to it:   #1.   Book two of the Chronicles […]
  • Fantasy Stereotyped March 1, 2018
    I know, I know, this might rub a few people the wrong way, and for that I’m sorry (I guess), but it’s something I’ve kinda been thinking about both previously and lately. So here goes:      Fantasy is great, ain’t it? Ain’t it grand? The wondrous escape that it provides to our desiring psyches, […]